Curiouser and curiouser

cabinetWe’re super excited to finally announce the launch of the Cabinet of Curiosities website! We’ve been building the site for the last couple of weeks and it recently went live.

We implemented a completely customized theme on a WordPress backend. The theme is also fully responsive, so out of the box, Cabinet of Curiosities is mobile-friendly. Not something you usually see in antique store sites. Today, with the ever increasing levels of mobile and tablet adoption, a mobile friendly site is rapidly becoming a requirement, not just an option. Responsive design can prove to be quite a challenge as you need to accommodate multiple screen widths. In our case, the site supports 6 differing sizes; Smartphones (portrait & landscape), Tablets (portrait & landscape), PC, and Widescreen PC.

The site also has a deep level of social media integration. Trying to promote your content across the social ecosystem can be a time consuming task. You update your site, then head off to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on to share that content with each of those accounts. It can be a full time job simply keeping all these up to date. We’ve completely automated this task for Cabinet of Curiosities. Whenever a new product or blog post is added to the site, relevant Twitter & Facebook posts are automatically created and posted to their Twitter stream and Facebook page. Auto posting to Pinterest will also be coming online soon. This frees up Cabinet of Curiosities to actually communicate with potential customers instead of keeping their streams up to date.

We’ve also optimized the bejeezus out of this site, earning an impressive 95 out of 100 Google PageSpeed score!

Take a look at the antiques and give us a shout if you’re looking to update your web presence.