No, these are not the names of the Three Musketeers or the Three Stooges…

they are the foundation, the cornerstone, the very fabric of what makes us tick at Wide Eyed Communications – the three ingredients that hold the key to our recipe for creating compelling and award-winning advertising.

Now those three words may have you scratching your head and muttering, “It’s all Greek to me.” and you’d be absolutely correct. When it comes to the power of persuasion, Wide Eyed Communications is inspired by the words of that really smart Greek guy named Aristotle. He declared it’s these basic elements that drive people to action: Logos, as in logic (not logo, as in the thing that goes at the top of your business card and letterhead); Pathos, your impact on the emotional state of an audience; and Ethos, the audience’s measurement of your character and credibility. 
While a lot has changed since Aristotle introduced his theory of persuasive communication some 2,300 years ago the basic tenets of his philosophy remain substantially the same. Fast forward to the 21st Century, where we at Wide Eyed Communication apply his timeless principles to all of our work. After all, an effective advertising and communication strategy should never read like a Greek tragedy…

The Logic of Logos.

One of the first steps in attracting clients is to appeal to their sense of logic. We’ll study the marketplace and won’t stop until we hit the one defining element that reveals exactly what it takes to drive consumers to you and your business. It’s impossible to argue the facts, so let’s take a look. Fact: Wide Eyed Communications has been in business for 10 years and since its inception has produced some great pieces of work to meet the marketing needs of our clients both locally and nationally. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Hold on a minute, it might be a fact that Wide Eyed has been in business for 10 years, but what’s this about producing great pieces of work? Surely that is simply opinion.” And you’re right! It’s the opinion of those in the biz who have presented us with industry awards for some of our most exciting and compelling work.

And What of Pathos?

One should never underestimate the power of Pathos, or in today’s speak, the appeal to, and impact on, the emotional state. By understanding our clients’ needs and keeping their target audience in mind, we at Wide Eyed Communications are able to vary our approach, tone and strategy with each of our advertising projects. So whether you’re looking for warm and fuzzy, hot and sexy, in your face extrapolation and fear, or just some plain old fashioned bandwagon-jumping everyone’s doing it kind of approach, we’ve got just the marketing plan for you.

And Finally, there’s Ethos.

Ethos is credibility and character. In order to attract clients and appeal to any target market, companies must unequivocally give the impression that they know their stuff and frankly that’s where we come into play. When it comes to producing compelling advertising that speaks of competence and trust, you can rest assured we’ll create a clear and focused message that speaks to your credibility and generates the desired customer reaction.

So there you have it, the three key ingredients to our success. By applying these age old principles of persuasion, along with some keen modern day insights – not to mention a whole lot of brainstorming and big ideas that sell – we’d be happy to design a marketing plan to suit your business needs. Whether you require TV, radio, print, Internet, or outdoor signage our award-winning specialists will help create the best possible image and maximize your advantage by applying a little ethos, pathos and logos to your next marketing project.