Look what showed up in the office today!

Pinchin Street East No.1 Street Sign

Mark is a connoisseur of antiques. Photos, bottles, furniture, prosthetic limbs, We’ve had all of these come through the office. Yesterday something new showed up in the office. The Pinchin Street East No.1 sign from London, England, circa the late 1800’s.

For those of you wondering what’s so special about a 130 year old London street sign. Pinchin Street East is regarded by many as the scene of one of Jack the Ripper’s most horrific murders. A woman’s limbless torso was discovered on September 10, 1889.

The sign is 20-30 pounds of solid cast iron, and certainly looks old enough to be 130 years old. How the sign made it’s way from London, England to Dundas Ontario is probably a story in itself.