Looking and Staying ahead with the Movement to Mobile

At Wide Eyed Communications you won’t find a crystal ball in our office: no tarot cards, no blind palm-reading fortune tellers, or any other professional staff members that can boast having blood lines to the likes of Nostradamus, The Amazing Kreskin or the notorious Rasputin; but that’s not to say we aren’t looking toward the future – and what the future holds according to pundits, tech geeks and those in the know is that by 2015 mobile phones will be the leading web surfing device.

The movement has already started, as WECrystalBall1a large percentage of your busy, on-the-go customers are accessing the web through their smart phones: iPhone, Blackberry, and Android (and let’s not forget the ever growing tablet market). With that in mind, to ensure existing and potential customers have a positive experience when they arrive at your website, you should consider making it mobile friendly, also known as; mobile responsive design.

The benefits of going mobile friendly?

Load time:

Saves frustration of waiting for full website to load.


We can create a mobile version of your website with an easy to use navigation structure allowing potential clients & customers to easily find your goods and services.

Staying one step ahead of competitors:

With mobile, your website can be accessed anywhere, anytime allowing you to capture the attention of current and future clients


Want to know more? Give us a shout and well be happy to fill you in on how we can service your mobile responsive design needs. And when you do… we can predict that you’ll be happy you did.