Market your products with 3D graphics & animation

We’re happy to announce that Wide Eyed now offers 3D animation and imagery for your product marketing needs.

Why use 3D rendering?

Most manufacturers and product driven companies already use some form of 3D or CAD to develop their products, this data is an untapped resource for marketing communications. 3D animation and rendering allows you to use your existing engineering models to market your products for trade show displays, corporate videos, product sellsheets, websites, and more.

Key benefits of 3d imagery

  • Ignore real-world limitations! Cut-aways, transparencies, unique or difficult angles, and exploded views are great tools to focus on product features.
  • Demonstrate unique product features or complex processes which can’t otherwise be visualized.
  • Cost savings. For manufacturers of custom or large products, the savings can be significant. You no longer need to build a prototype, pull an existing product out of production, or find physical space to photograph your product.

From technical 3D product renderings to full blown detailed and realistic 3D animations, Wide Eyed Communications can cover all your product marketing graphic needs. Give us a call us at 905-627-2374 or email us today.