Photoshop yourself in real-time

Yet another great viral video is making the rounds. Here the singer gets Photoshopped in real-time as she sings. The effect is amazing as she’s slowly retouched as the song progresses. Watch it, then I’ll give you a really basic idea of how it was created.

In this case, I don’t think that Photoshop was used very much for this video. While Photoshop can edit and retouch video, it has to be done frame by frame, in this case over 5000 frames would have to be retouched by hand.

In this case, I think the simplest method is the right one. They shot 4 different videos with different makeup and lighting, then synced and edited them using a program called After Effects. The image below gives you an idea of how the 4 videos were assembled.


Each video is stacked on top of each other, then they show a small section of the next retouch as time progresses. It’s as if each video was placed on a transparency where they can control how transparent each section is. The software you see doing the editing is just another layer in After Effects. Throw in a lot more work that I’ve glossed over, a great song, a lovely singer, and you’ve got an amazing video to watch.