Practice safe corporate blogging

Posted on 07 Apr 2014 in Photography | 0 comments

I recently ran into my copywriter friend, Maria. She had gotten a great job handling all of the social media posts of a very large company. Her posts were insightful and interesting, but as I kept reading through her posts, the photos she was using started to worry me. I asked if she was downloading […]

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With 32 million pages, every change is a big one

Posted on 01 Apr 2014 in Web design | 0 comments

Next Thursday, Wikipedia will begin rolling out a new design for the site. While the changes may seem subtle, with 32,533,899 pages in 287 languages even a small issue grows into something complex. Wikipedia is 100% open source and available to the world to use and re-use, but there is no open source typeface that […]

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