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When it comes to creating a marketing campaign that delivers results, having the right tools for the job is one thing, a computer and software are just a credit card bill away. However, possessing the knowledge of how to use, integrate and implement those tools… now that’s a mechanic! At Wide Eyed Communications we are more than the sum of our tools, we are design mechanics.
We create and implement finely tuned communication engines that don’t break down but effectively deliver at high speeds. We approach every project with the honed professionalism of a three-piece suit combined with the unbridled imagination of a child-like physicist. You’re going to really like us!



Wide Eyed Communications is a highly creative marketing and advertising agency, boasting an integrated portfolio of services. When you hire us, you’ll receive the full spectrum 
of our team’s talents regardless of the size of your project.

Our experienced professionals are acknowledged experts in commercial art, 
web & graphic design, advertising and communications. Whether you need 
compelling creative, powerful copywriting or a comprehensive strategic 

campaign, Wide Eyed can be the driving force that helps 
achieve your communications objectives.

Operating nationally out of Dundas, Ontario, Wide Eyed Communications is a boutique agency with a comprehensive slate of services. We offer personal, 
client-focused services that are both flexible and affordable. Our mission is to provide distinctive creative, dynamic marketing strategies and quick turnarounds that 
excel within budgets of any size.

The Executive Team



Principal & Creative Director

With 20 years in the advertising biz there is no challenge that our fearless creative leader will not tackle. Specializing in commercial and editorial art, Mark can usually be seen draped across his office chair pounding out new boundaries in Photoshop always looking to push the limits in layer and file size with a mindset that a millimetre can be the measure to success. His unique style and design infuse “art” into every campaign, and his communication becomes a driving force for all his clients. While many in the biz might rest on their laurels after years of producing local, national and international award winning advertising campaigns, Mark’s appetite for developing advertising campaigns that bring measurable and sustainable results is insatiable.



    Art Director

    Capable of achieving any mechanical feat Shara Lynn is the kind of girl that needs to be called 2 hours in advance for a night on the town – the 2 hour window is more than enough time for Shara to design, cut and stich that perfect party dress for the evening (which by the way is sure to match the interior design of the club she’ll be hitting) – while her plumbing, electrical and masonary skills are not put into practice during shop hours she brings the same tenacity, creative passion, love for design and attention to detail to all of her in-house illustration and design projects. As a published author and book illustrator it only makes sense that the one thing she’s added to her bucket list is Blacksmithing!



      Director of Digital

      In a world of measured efficiencies, expertise and attention to detail one can't argue the calculated side of Grayson (as demonstrated by his ownership and organization of 96.5 pairs of socks, folded, not bunched) in a multitude of colors including; white and grey and grey and white. His mere presence in a room can quickly sweep away the oddest of technical glitches, earning him the honourary title as Wide Eyed's 'Computer Whisperer'. Over the past 12 years Grayson has honed a wide array of skills in both web and print, creating effective solutions for clients large and small.



        Office Manager

        Whether she likes it or not, much of Debbie’s free time is spent in her backyard garden shooting rabbits…check that, shooing rabbits! Our salad (and rabbit) loving Administrator is the hub, the glue, the very model of an in-house taskmaster (organizer), driven by an obsession to ensure that the office creative types stay focused and projects get completed on time and on budget. While level - headed and calm for the most part, Debbie is never adverse to pulling one of her Tai Bo Boxing moves on any staff member who feels that slacking off might be the route to go! She is the string in our yo-yo; the balance in our books and south wind in our sails that keeps the Wide Eyed ship on course.


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