Customer Spotlight: Cancord Inc.

Cancord Inc. is an Ontario based rope & cord manufacturer that has been operating since the 1880’s. They manufacturer unique products such as; Polysteel™, Dyneema®, and Technora® ropes as well as more traditional cotton, nylon and polyester cordage. Cancord has been online since 1999, but found that their site wasn’t generating the quality leads they were looking for. Cancord primarily serves military, government, and industrial customers and found their leads weren’t targeted to the markets they best served.

We helped Cancord improve their search rankings and increase their qualified leads. As part of our SEO plan for Cancord, we optimized their site code, implemented microformats for their product catalogue, and added a new blog to their site. As a result the quality of leads from their site have improved, allowing their sales staff to focus on the larger and complex orders their customers require.

Visit Cancord’s site and contact us to see how we can help you improve the quality of your leads.