Look what showed up in the office today!

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Mark is a connoisseur of antiques. Photos, bottles, furniture, prosthetic limbs, We’ve had all of these come through the office. Yesterday something new showed up in the office. The Pinchin Street East No.1 sign from London, England, circa the late 1800’s. For those of you wondering what’s so special about a 130 year old London […]

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Erin the annoying copywriter

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Erin really bugs me. He sits and he chats and he makes me laugh…. and he takes up ALL MY TIME!! Actually, the truth is, he is a really good writer and I’m jealous! Not only is he a GREAT AND FANTASTIC copywriter, he is also full of great ideas. This is really getting out […]

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Wow! That’s a website?

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Web technologies are advancing at a breakneck pace. It’s absolutely amazing what you can accomplish exclusively using web standards. Both Google and the Mozilla Foundation showcase the amazing things that can be done with modern browsers. Here are a few of the coolest examples I’ve come across. All of these run purely in your browser […]

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