The sexiest trams you’ve ever seen

Wow! If we had trams that looked like these new Russian hybrids, I’d ride them to work everyday! Check out even more photos at

CASL, Canada’s new anti-spam legislation

Starting July 1st, 2014 Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (CASL) comes into effect. This new law drastically changes the landscape of commercial email in Canada. Beginning July 1st, you must have the following with every email you send to your clients, without it your company could face fines up to $10 million. Express or Implied consent Until July 1st, 2017 you …

Practice safe corporate blogging

I recently ran into my copywriter friend, Maria. She had gotten a great job handling all of the social media posts of a very large company. Her posts were insightful and interesting, but as I kept reading through her posts, the photos she was using started to worry me. I asked if she was downloading the photos from Google Image …

With 32 million pages, every change is a big one

Next Thursday, Wikipedia will begin rolling out a new design for the site. While the changes may seem subtle, with 32,533,899 pages in 287 languages even a small issue grows into something complex. Wikipedia is 100% open source and available to the world to use and re-use, but there is no open source typeface that can render all of the …

Your brand isn’t just your logo

Your companies brand is more than just its logo. It’s the voice that you use to communicate with your customers. Virgin Atlantic understands how their brand should influences all their communications. They bring their unique brand right down to the (usually boring) airline safety video. What other companies do you know of that carry their brand through all their communications?

Customer Spotlight: Cancord Inc.

Cancord Inc. is an Ontario based rope & cord manufacturer that has been operating since the 1880’s. They manufacturer unique products such as; Polysteel™, Dyneema®, and Technora® ropes as well as more traditional cotton, nylon and polyester cordage. Cancord has been online since 1999, but found that their site wasn’t generating the quality leads they were looking for. Cancord primarily …

Turning Standard Stock Images into Commercial Art

Editorial and Commercial art made affordable within any budget. As prefab, turn key and template driven solutions eclipse the landscape, unique creative design is getting left behind in the name of convenience and restrictive budgets. Stock art and photography are the most visible examples. You don’t have to look far to see the same images splashed across billboards, print and …

Paper is not dead

While we certainly think that paper has more to offer than just helping you out in the bathroom, this spot from Le Trèfle bathroom tissue had us all laughing. It certainly proves that paper’s death has been greatly exaggerated.

Coke, Being Parents.

I joke with my friends that having kids is 49% Most Agonizing Experience You Will Ever Have,  51% Most Incredible Joy Imaginable, and that 2% makes all the difference in the world. I think this new ad from Coke Argentina wonderfully captures that ideal, what about you?

Photoshop yourself in real-time

Yet another great viral video is making the rounds. Here the singer gets Photoshopped in real-time as she sings. The effect is amazing as she’s slowly retouched as the song progresses. Watch it, then I’ll give you a really basic idea of how it was created. In this case, I don’t think that Photoshop was used very much for this …