I wish the default on my vacations was one month

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Recently I was playing around with Airbnb.com to check out some of their unique properties. As I tried to set some dates to get a sense of the price per night I started getting frustrated by their Book It! form. Every date I selected would result in a “Those dates are not available” error beneath […]

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Print is dead? We beg to differ…

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Since the rapid surge of Internet and social media we’ve all have heard the myriad of stories of how print is dying. Forward thinking companies on the other hand beg to differ; while many companies and are now embracing and focusing their advertising efforts exclusively on the net, the smarter ones are exploring ways to […]

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No, these are not the names of the Three Musketeers or the Three Stooges… they are the foundation, the cornerstone, the very fabric of what makes us tick at Wide Eyed Communications – the three ingredients that hold the key to our recipe for creating compelling and award-winning advertising. Now those three words may have […]

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Looking and Staying ahead with the Movement to Mobile

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At Wide Eyed Communications you won’t find a crystal ball in our office: no tarot cards, no blind palm-reading fortune tellers, or any other professional staff members that can boast having blood lines to the likes of Nostradamus, The Amazing Kreskin or the notorious Rasputin; but that’s not to say we aren’t looking toward the […]

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